Transition Services

What are transition Services? 

Transition services are work site learning experiences or strategies to connect the classroom to work.    It is a purposeful, organized, and outcome oriented process designed to help students move from school, to employment, and a quality adult life.  Expected student outcomes to a successful transition include post secondary education or training, gainful employment and participation in their community.

What is the District's Vision on Transition? 

The Val Verde Unified School District sees transition as an important component of the educational process for students who are in Special Education.  The process of transitioning students from high school begins when the student enters high school.  Appropriate courses of study support the student's post high school goals.  A transition plan is developed and then updated annually for each student.  The plan addresses education/training plans, living arrangements and leisure activities in which the student will engage.

The mission of the Val Verde Unified School District is to prepare all students academically and socially to become productive members of society.  The vision of the Val Verde Unified School District for a Transition Program includes a partnership of students, parents, staff and community.  The program recognizes and values excellence, individuality, diversity, and creativity.  The district is committed to the intellectual achievement, the emotional and social growth, and the aesthetic development of each student.  VVUSD is dedicated to graduating students who are self-starters, technologically competent workers, life-long learners, responsible citizens and cooperative, effective communicators.

This initiative has produced the following:   

For persons with disabilities, assumptions of low work potential have been discounted as soon as an equal opportunity, proper training and information about appropriate accommodations becomes available to them.    

  • For employers, WorkAbility I provides workers who are job-ready and anxious to learn. 
  • For society, employment for persons with disabilities through the WorkAbility I program allows them the opportunity to contribute to society by producing a product or providing a service, as well as by paying taxes instead of receiving long-term financial public assistance.   

The Array of Services is a full continuum consistent with the California Education Code. These components comprise an effective transition system for high school students. Students served are provided curriculum integration of work readiness skills, career/vocational assessment, connecting activity and a work based learning service.